Daily Motion Graphics #663 / Nike ISPA – The Road Warrior

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Experimentation and pushing boundaries are some of the most fulfilling aspects of the motion design industry. When you put together a band like Nike and a forward-thinking studio-like Builders Club, you get a motion design film like this. Whatever out of this world adjective comes to mind while watching the video you must admit that it is something special. The team blurred the lines between the different disciplines of moving picture and motion design into one seamless film. Well done!

Description by Builders Club:

Nike reached out to us to launch their latest iconic ISPA collection. ISPA stands for: Improvise, scavenge, protect and adapt.

The film takes us on a journey through the process of the creation of the newest member of the ISPA family: the Road Warrior. Following the ISPA philosophy, we wanted to champion experimental expression. Like the Road Warrior itself the film relays an optimism about the power and joy of design and creativity while never taking itself too serious. A fresh approach to balancing the hyper-cool design and light-hearted humour that is not often seen in innovative sneaker design.

Client: Nike
Direction: Builders Club
Digital Art & Design: Builders Club
Production Company: Builders Club
Music & Sound Design: @_c_b_n_k_s_

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