Daily Motion Graphics #657 / “Cosmos- Possible Worlds” Season 2 Main Title

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This is different from what we usually feature but the work is beautiful. Majestic and epic shots of worlds and dimensions that may or may not exist in the deep recesses of our universe. It makes you wonder.


Client: Fox

Post Production
Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Duncan Elms
Designers: Carlo Sa, Mert Kizilay, Min Shi
3D Animators: Yongsub Song, Alex Silver, Serjan Burlak, Jon Fitz
Editor: Rachel Fowler
Producer: Michael Ross
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Footage Courtesy Of:
Beauty of Science
BioQuest Studios
Kevin McGloughlin
Dr. Patrick Hickey
Chris Bjerre / Peter Clark / Motion Plus Design
Roman De Giuli
Wild Pacific
Armand Dijcks / Ray Collins
Marc Zimmerman
Serjan Burlak / Ash Thorp
Thomas Vanz
Dr. Greg Dunn / Will Drinker
Composer: Alan Chimestri

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