Daily Motion Graphics #661 / Alchemy of Failure | Iluli

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Description by Mowe Studio:

Alchemy of Failure talks about how logical thought has served us well in so many fields, so we’ve developed a tendency to use it as a guiding principle for almost everything. But in many areas – from economics to marketing – logic is of limited use.

This animation is part of a series of videos we make monthly for the Youtube channel “Iluli by Mike Lamb”. The channel explores technology, security, and strategy and condenses complex topics in 5-minute videos easy to understand.

Directed by MOWE Studio – https://mowe.studio

Script: Mike Lamb, Aidan O’Brien
Creative Direction: Felippe Silveira
Art Direction: Raff Marques
Production: Laís Abreu
Storyboard: Raff Marques
Illustration: Diego Leal, Mayumi Takahashi
Animation: Pedro de Britto
Cel Animation: André Dias
Sound Design: Aidan O’Brien

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