Daily Motion Graphics #654 / The Mystery of The Pink Flamingo

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Awesome art direction and visuals. We love the use of pastel colors with an old Miami feel.

Description by Device:

Hotels, casinos, clubs, pubs, t-shirts, sculptures, patterns, furniture, tattoos, swimsuits, jewels… Flamingos are all around. Pink is the new normal. As an iconic symbol of the pop culture, the Pink Flamingo figure is absolutely present in our everyday lives, though the origin of this kitsch and corny fever is still a great mystery.

This eccentric yet truly original investigation is carried out by Los Hermanos Polo and Japonica Films through their documentary “The Mystery of The Pink Flamingo”, directed by Javier Polo, which we are glad to be part of by creating this animated opening intro.

Director: Device
Creative Direction: Raül Peix, Eudald Salerich
Illustration: Carla Fuentes
Storyboard Raül Peix, Eudald Salerich
Animation: Eudald Salerich, Javi Baquero, Ana Moniz, Casper Nykopp
Clean Up: Device, Pierre Leus, Eze Cruz, Pau Anglada, Casper Nykopp
Composition: Raül Peix
Diseño de logotipo: Lawerta Fe
Music: Santero y Los Muchachos
Sound: Lastcrit

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