Daily Motion Graphics #645 / Empower Rap by 4Humans

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This is motion graphic eye candy! 4Humans creates a vibrant and florescent world that makes you want to watch the video over and over to catch all the details. If the process of creating the video is a as fun as the end product, this is the kind of project creatives dream of.

Description by 4Humans:

This is one of those rare and amazing projects that 4HUMANS had the opportunity to bring to life: the Empower Rap for EMPOWER. This is the story of Cincinnatti where people go to sleep early to recharge their batteries and give everything during the day! Directed by Lionel Skliar and with Art Direction by Hola Bosque!, this playful and colorful spot uses a combination of techniques and took almost 3 intense months of hard work to see the light. Thanks Tinus, Sean and all the Empower team in Cincinnatti!

Este es uno de los proyectos más lindos que 4HUMANS tuvo la oportunidad de producir: el Rap de Empower para EMPOWER. ¡Esta es la historia de una ciudad en la que la gente se duerme temprano para recargar sus baterías y darle todo durante el día! Dirigido por Lionel Skliar y Art Direction por Hola Bosque!, este lugar lúdico y colorido, utiliza una combinación de técnicas y tardó casi 3 meses intensos en ver la luz.

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