Daily Motion Graphics #648 / Adidas Superstar – The OthersTV

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What a great edgy visual extravaganza from The OthersTV. The images and soundtrack work perfectly and the live footage and vector art of the imagery are a wonderful contrast.

Description by The OthersTV:

In the history of sneakers, one shoe fits all. Changed the game on the court 50 years ago. Made for the game-changers off of it today. This shoe believes in those with the power to change anything. From artists and designers to musicians and athletes, Superstar belongs to the teams who make the difference by embracing collective creativity.

In this spirit of change and teamwork, we collaborated with Device to co-create, under Enric Soldevila’s art direction, promotional videos for the campaign. We worked alongside
Hypebeast and joined the celebration of the shoe that changed it all.

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