Daily Motion Graphics #638 / Star Renegades

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In a not so distant past, we got asked to collaborate with Raw Fury and Massive Damage to create a story-driven cinematic anime trailer for their new game… What a brief!

The epic game Star Renegades, needed an equally epic trailer, and we were of course up for the task! To make an anime project like this is the very reason why some of us started with animation in the first place. Anime classics is a constant source of inspiration and here the team got the chance to play with some good old cliches after we’ve rewatched our favorite anime movies and shows. The story takes place in a distant future, in the everlasting rebellion against the Imperium, we get to follow our heroine, Wynn, through glimpses in past and present time as her life surrounds the destiny of the rebellion; Resist, Reclaim, Revive, Repeat. Not to feel intimidated by our source of inspiration (the best-animated movies ever made…) we approached the project to convey the dark basis of the game and challenge ourselves with both fast and slow, emotional, and typical anime scenes to see how far we could push it.

Client: Raw Fury, Massive Damage
Production company: BRIKK
Creative direction: BRIKK
Executive Producer: Sofia Bohman
Director: Philip Engström
Script: Brikk / Massive Damage
Storyboard: Mariyam Aulbekova, Sonya Filimonova
Background artist: Sonya Filimonova
Character design: Philip Engström, Darya Skripka
Additional illustrations: August Niclasen
Character animation: Darya Skripka, Mariyam Aulbekova, Sergey Krasin, August Niclasen, Philip Engström
FX Animation: August Niclasen, Emil Börner, Philip Engström
3D: Kristian Andersson, Björn Johansson, Sergey Krasin
Compositing: Philip Engström, Josef Andersson, Kristian Andersson, Emil Börner
Music: Steve London
SFX: Orie Falconer

For more breakdowns and behind the scenes:
Web: https://brikk.se
Instagram: @brikktv

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