Daily Motion Graphics #629 / Korporatio – Hound Studio

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Hound Studio is known for its explainer video prowess and this expertise is evident in this piece for Korporatio. Motion design is such a broad creative field and it’s exciting to see specialties emerge and bring out the best work from creatives in the industry. Make sure to visit their site and check out their blog which has some excellent content for motion designers.

Description by Hound Studio:

This time we worked in collaboration with a blockchain-based company. Their team created an entirely new legal entity called Smart Company (SC) and turned to us to help their team with film creation telling the story of the company. Their service is compliant, 100% on the blockchain and completely paperless.

For this project, we created cool 3D robots that help our nerd character build his rocket. Follow the journey of our character and enjoy the mix of 3D and frame-by-frame animations created by our talented artists. Stay tuned for more videos!

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