Daily Motion Graphics #630 / BIC — Artem Yudin

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Really slick work by Artem ‘Hinz’ Yudin. We love the super clean abstract 3D aesthetic. The renders and animation are beautiful and complement the music compliments the video perfectly.

Description from Artem Yudin:

See the full project here:

BIC pens are famous for their affordable, and probably everyone at least once had their own.
I was no exception, I also had a BIC Round Stic Exact pen on my desk.
In this non-profit project, I decided to fantasize about how each detail of a pen is born.

This video is a small story of the life of a thing that changed the world.

Art Direction / 3D Animation / Modeling / Light & Texturing:
— Artem ‘Hinz’ Yudin

Music & Sound Design:
— Pavel Zhigarev


instagram: instagram.com/artem_hinz
mail: [email protected]
facebook: facebook.com/artemhinz
telegram: t.me/artem_hinz

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