Daily Motion Graphics #627 / Qualcomm – RF Modem Series

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Qualcomm reached out to create a series of videos to help showcase the key features of the new 5G Snapdragon RF internal modems. This is a short director’s cut of alternative scenes that we all really loved working on, but didn’t quite make the final cut.

Staticjoe Studio produced the project while my great friend Joey Judkins art-directed the project and brought me on board to animate alongside him. It’s always a blast working together with him, but I’m extremely thankful that we were able to bring on some really talented designers as well.

Producer: Staticjoe Studio
Creative Director: Brian Jouan
Art Director: Joey Judkins
Storyboards: Nuria Boj
Design/Illustration: Nuria Boj, Megan Pelto, & Kevin KH Kim
Animation: Zak Tietjen & Joey Judkins
Additional Animation: Jason Lee, Michael Griggs, Brian Jouan
Sound + Music: Sono Sanctus



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