Daily Motion Graphics #544 / Waze Carpool

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There is so much to look at with this work from NOMINT and Sebastian Baptista. The art direction is diverse and the way the motion design “stretches” is spot on.


The creative brief was completely open-ended as long as the end result was a visually exciting, high energy video. We first came up with a few different general concepts and the idea of a funny Waze “manifesto” stuck so we worked on turning this idea into a script.
The manifesto had to be entertaining and informative at the same time so it had to make a point through playful, unexpected objects and ideas.
In terms of style we used a mixed media technique with 3d and 2d animation, collage and illustration which all came together under the colour scheme of Waze. The limited colour palette was the one element that unified all the different styles of design and animation.

Client: Waze Carpool
Production: NOMINT

Direction: Sebastian Baptista
Executive Producer: Christos Lefakis
Producer: Nefeli Petika
Script: Sebastian Baptista

Art Direction: Eze Matteo
Design: Sebastian Baptista, Eze Matteo
CG Modelling: Lucas Somariva, Laura Sirvent
Animation: Sebastian Baptista, Eze Matteo, Laura Sirvent

Music/ Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Voice Over: Bart Flynn

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