Daily Motion Graphics #506 / Global Citizen – Water & Sanitation

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Great mix of motion graphic styles.


New girl and Global Citizen Ambassador Hanna Simone breaks Narrates this story about Water & Sanitation.

Production Company: The Academy
Director: Brikk
Editing: Brikk

Storyboard: Gustaf Öhrnell
Illustration: Gustaf Öhrnell

2D Animation: Brikk, Marcus Gestre, Kristian Andersson
3D Animation: Kristian Zarins
Compositing: Brikk

Music: Epidemic Sound
Sound design: Calle Wachtmeister, Dennis Filatov
VO: Hanna Simone

See full case – http://brikk.se https://vimeo.com/brikk Global Citizen – Water & Sanitation BRIKK

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