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How After Effects was used on Iron Man 3 & Oblivion

Check out how Stephen Lawes and Venti Hristova from Cantina Creative designed with After Effects and Cinema 4D the motion graphics and visual effects in Iron Man 3. Also, Navarro Parker, an Emmy-winning motion graphics animator, talks about After Effects and Illustrator to build the interface work on Oblivion.

AE & Patrick Murphy

VFX Supervisor, Patrick Murphy, shares some of his defining moments when working in After Effects and how it opens up his creative possibilities.

Ae & Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards of The Third Floor talks about how After Effects helps him with the unique digital story-boarding process of pre-visualization.

Ae & Jon Carr

As a visual effects artist, Jon Carr uses After Effects’ innovative features to make difficult shots look their best.

Ae & Ash Beck

Ash Beck has used After Effects for over 10 years and was inspired to creatively use AE when working on the The Amazing Spider-Man.

Ae & Stu Maschwitz

Filmmaker Stu Maschwitz has worked as a visual effects supervisor throughout his career and often pushes After Effects to its creative limits.

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