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Some really stunning work form Naked.


NAKED Conceptualize and Create Whimsical, Thoroughly Original Bumpers for France’s TF1 Network

Paris-based graphic and motion design company NAKED picked out New York based production company ROOF studio to help them develop an exciting and innovative project involving 45 eight-second bumpers for TF1 – one of the largest television networks in France (and a major European industry player), in just 5 months. NAKED imagined original and captivating bumpers, evolving around the notion of surprise and mechanisms. Each bumper depicts a vibrant and extremely precise detailed 3D animation of a mechanical world and the variations of themes seem to be nearly endless. From bumper cars to elaborate alarm clock stereo systems to a volcano with a giant espresso pot inside, these surprising and innovative bumpers show the surreal imaginations of the creative team and their passion for outstanding quality broadcast work.

Naked Production ©
Director : Patrick Delobelle
Executive Producer : Philippe Fournerie
Senior Art Director / Designer : Benoît Bayart
Senior 3D Artist : Corentin Seguin de Broin – Jonathan Roméo
Junior Art director : Seydou Koné
Compositing ; Laura Saintecatherine / Pedro Carvalho Gomes
Music : StartRec

ROOF Studio Production:
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Creative Directors: Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni
Design: Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Fred Palacio, João Lavieri, Pedro Kobuti, Sunmin Inn
Modeling: Rayza Alvarez, Lincoln Horita, Thiago Batista, Lucas Ribeiro, Fabio Paiva, Vinicius Valente, Ramon Lima, Alex Liki, Pedro Kobuti
Rigging: Viviane Adade, Diego Marcel, Leandro Spaletta, Pedro Kobuti, Mike James, Felipe Machado
Animation: Felipe Machado, Jason Tadeu, Lucas Ribeiro, Drika Ooki, Fernando Herrera, Pedro Kobuti, Abner Cirelli, Aulo Licinio, Daniel Sian, Henrique Edmx, Gabriel Prezoto, Fernando Donizetti
Render and Texturing: Pedro Kobuti, Tiago Dias, Shane O’Hara, Daniel Sian, Sergio Dimi Rocha, Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Vinicius Valente, Josemar Queiroz , Ricardo Riamonde
Composite: Pedro Kobuti, Tiago Dias, Shane O’Hara, Daniel Sian, Sergio Dimi Rocha, Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Felipe Machado http://ift.tt/Xe5mWj TF1 BUMPERS PUB NAKED Compagnie ©

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