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An inspiring look at ManvsMachine and their creative process.


Title design and ident design are like fraternal twins, they don’t share the exact same DNA, but they’ve got a whole lot in common. Which explains our interest in ManvsMachine – a motion studio from the UK who have created a series of stunning and highly imaginative brand identities for tv networks such as More4, SyFy, Nickelodeon, Chiller, and Kanal 5. We visited creative director and co-founder Mike Alderson and his crew in ManvsMachine’s studio in London’s Shoreditch district to shoot this short but inspiring interview.

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Camera Gijs Besseling, Director and Editor Carine Bijlsma, Sound Taron Alison, Produced by Submarine Channel, Thanks to Mike Alderson and everyone at ManvsMachine, Opening music Jon Hokins “Cerulean” ManvsMachine – Watch the Titles Profile Submarine Channel

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