Daly Mograph 431 / Disaster Blaster

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One of our all time favorite studios with another amazing project.


To build on the success of a series of TV spots we created with Young and Laramore for Indiana Farm Bureau, they asked us to develop some ideas for a street-level interactive game.

We started with game play, sketching out dozens of rough ideas. Y&L wanted a fun, approachable extension to the new commercials. The challenge was to marry a game experience with IFB’s insurance messaging. For inspiration, we looked at classic arcade titles from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as more contemporary touch-screen games. Visually, we built on the wooden-toy style that had been developed for the broadcast spots, inspired by mechanical automata. We created additional models and animations specifically for the game as well as an original soundtrack and sound effects.

We developed the game in-house, adopting a iterative approach that allowed our designers, artists, and coders see how each element worked in the context of the game. This also allowed us to begin play testing variations very early so we could see how people reacted as we explored the game mechanics. Our audience isn’t hardcore gamers so the game needed to be approachable to people on the street. We focused on making the game immediately fun and progressively more challenging.

The disaster blaster game is at the heart of a touring promotion that extends the reach of the broadcast spots. The tour will go to downtown Indianapolis, to concerts and to local sporting events. In addition to the spots and the touring unit the campaign includes mobile and online elements. A project with such diverse elements is a great fit for Brand New School and BNS Labs interdisciplinary structure, and we had a great time producing it. http://ift.tt/MAgZGN Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance – “Disaster Blaster” Brand New School

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