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Welcome to the first of our Motionweeknight Blurbs! All your watching and waiting has now paid off. You shall be rewarded with wise words and imaginative insights, all from motion graphic giants we have interviewed just for you!

Our first Motionweeknight Blurb comes from a Norse seafaring rockstar, a Viking, Jason Snell!


Jason Snell is the founder and Chief Creative of We Have Become Vikings, a rock and rolling motion design studio. We asked him to participate in this interview not only because of his studio’s awesome name, but most especially because of their awesome motion graphics.

Read on, Viking fan!

MW: How did you start in the industry?

Jason Snell: After college I worked in flash for a few years and then I jump off into an interior/arch group doing any and all kinds of motion graphic work on different screens for in-store brands. Just two of us learned how to create different solutions for Disney stores, Gap and Under Armour to name a few. Late nights were had and it was create to be thrusted into so many large brands quickly.


MW: What best describes your unique style?

Jason Snell: Thanks! Well, I think its like most artists and designers, the need for the new and the journey to express. In the midwest, I feel you have to scratch and claw for any opportunity, with that comes just working your ass off and trying a bunch of stuff. Designing is like a drug, the more you do it and are involved, the more you need.


MW: What was your first job and project in the industry?

Jason Snell: Production Company, Lightborne in Cincinnati, Ohio. A learned a lot, worked a ton cramming years of work in months. My first project was working on tour visuals for country-music stars. I’m a rock and roll guy, but, seeing these visuals on such a large scale was pretty rad, even if the music unbearable, ha!


MW: What software and/or hardware has been instrumental in your growth as an artist?

Jason Snell: Sounds weird, but probably my guitar. Everyone uses the same hardware/software — Adobe/C4D/Pencil/ Paper — but mostly, I get my main inspiration from writing music.


MW: What inspired you to start We Have Become Vikings? And where did you get that cool name?

Jason Snell: When I graduated from DAAP 10years ago all these great little motion houses were popping up, especially on the coasts, “Stink, Wyld Stallions, Blind, etc.,” and I wanted something memorable and no one was using vikings, vikings created the term branding and design just seemed to be taking over the world and everyone felt it, from designers, brands and everyday consumers, thus, we are all becoming vikings and I thought, even though its long-winded, people remembered it (typing out the email still sucks though).


MW: Any advice for freelance motion graphic artists?

Jason Snell: Keep pressing. Post unfinished work, bug people, but don’t be an asshole.


MW: Where would you like to see yourself and We Have Become Vikings in 5 years?

Jason Snell: I have a small shop in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH., eventually I’d love to turn WHBV into a fashion brand and work with all kind of artists/designers to create rad work across the country.


MW: We all know that motion graphics take a lot of time to complete. What’s your favorite food to eat when you’re staying up late working on all these awesome graphics?

Jason Snell: Yum! Cool question! Good coffee espresso, I hate to admit it but I think I’m addicted to Cheetos . Nothing beats late night pizza, thin crust, pepperoni.


And here is where one would usually see Jason Snell; in his natural Viking habitat!

In case you missed our post about We Have Become Vikings, here is a treat for you. Check out their mighty showreel right here and right now!

Want more awesomeness? You may reach Jason Snell at [email protected] or visit their website at http://wehavebecomevikings.com/

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