Daily Mograph 152 / Game of Thrones – Alternate Opening Titles

Game of Thrones Night is coming!!! Or rather, it’s already arrived. It is Game of Thrones Night here on Motionweeknight!!!

We have a nice line-up of videos for all those who enjoy the show and the books alike. We’ll also be handing out some nice trivia for you guys, and we hope you enjoy it.

First up is an experimental video (that is just chock-full of effort) that serves as an alternate opening title for the series. Each castle represents a family in Westeros, and the house sigil is also present as an element in each frame.

TRIVIA TIME: House Dayne owns a greatsword, Dawn, supposedly made from the heart of a falling star, that is a sharp and pale milk-glass. Dawn does not traditionally pass on to whoever is heir to House Dayne, but to the most worthy knight of the house, dubbed as “The Sword of the Morning” after the greatsword is passed to him.

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