Daily Motion Graphics #579 / PayPal Ubiquity

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The goal with this campaign was to let people know just how widely accepted PayPal is. To help explore this idea, we teamed up with our friends at Calabash Animation (based in Chicago) on a six-spot campaign.

Each category in the campaign presented a wide variety of unique technical and artistic challenges over the course of its two-month production. We also had to make sure the compositions worked for all the hip social platforms like Snapchat, Insta, and FB.

Client: PayPal
Agency: Walrus
Campaign: Ubiquity
Design & Character Animation: Calabash Animation
Animation, Lighting & Rendering: Run, Kick, Shout!
Directors – Wayne Brejcha
Creative Directors:  Erik Jensen, Nick Hopkins
Executive Producer: Sean Henry
Production Manager: Diane Grider
Lead Animator: Jeff MikaAnimation: Nick Hopkins, Erik Jensen, Brody Davis, John Filipkowski,
Character Animation: Jeff Mika, Jimmy Wasion, Nick Oropeza, Levi Ames, Sydney Leining, Nathan Tungseth, Kristen Rhee, Corey Stisser, David Brancato
Lighting & Rendering: Nick Hopkins, Erik Jensen

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