Best Websites For After Effects Plugins

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If you are a motion designer, these are the go-to sites to find that plugin you need. The After Effects plugin or script ecosystem is ever evolving and changes the workflow of your project in drastic ways. Motion design that was not possible just a year ago is now made a reality with the introduction of a new plugin or plugins used in tandem. 

Some plugin suites can be a major investment but your project cannot live without the sorcery found in some plugins. The adoption of the subscription or rental system of plugin usage had made out of reach plugin more accessible even for a limited time.

You might need pixel perfect tracking, a special script that makes interface changes in After Effects or a plugin that makes 3D and 2D play well together. Whatever the case may be, plugins and scripts can transform After Effects into a completely different program.

Video Copilot

AE Scripts


Red Giant




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