Daily Motion Graphics #561 / Freelive — Explainer Video

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Iinfografika has gotten the infographic style down to an art form.


Agency: www.247mytech.com
Made in Studio Infografika
[email protected]

Explainer for the social network Freelive
When bloggers receive donations from viewers, part of that money unfairly goes to intermediary companies. Freelive is a decentralized social media where everyone is their own boss.

To show users that in the new social network donations will be directed exclusively to content makers so that they can improve their channels and give more quality material to the delight of the audience.

Concept and solution
Since the audience of the video is mostly young, we wanted everyone to be able to recognize themselves in it, so we created a lot of characters: both bloggers and viewers — and looked at their life on the social network from the outside.
They showed a variety of creative scenes to match the content produced by the audience of the video. Here you can see the impact of donations on the level of created content, the formation of a new rock band, and the company appropriating part of the money from donations. They can be seen in the form of a huge man who, like king Kong, steals coins hanging on a skyscraper. In addition, we have analyzed the principle of the new social network FreeLive, which even in its name says that creativity needs freedom.
The video turned out to be colorful and dynamic, just like the younger generation. Its atmosphere evokes trust of the target audience.



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