Daily Motion Graphics #835 / USPS – Ship From Store

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This lovely little isometric 3D mograph is packed eye candy for all you 3D mograph artists.


We were asked to design and Animate several Loop-Animations for USPS online/mobile experience project on Uspsdelivers.com. It helps to educate, inspire and assist business in implementing a Ship from Store solution.
Details were key for Isometric feel and its slick and engaging style.

Directed by Hellosavants
Production: Not To Scale

Art Direction & Illustration: Hello Savants
Producers: Katrina Lofaro, Angela Foster
Animation Direction: Hello Savants
Animation: Garth Vickers, Hello Savants
Modeling: Hello Savants
Lights and shading: Enrico Salvatelli, Amerigo Biscotti



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