Daily Motion Graphics #482 / Cartoon Network Monthly Highlights

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Some projects are just too good to be true!
As Cartoon Network approached us to produce a monthly highlights video, we seized our chance to work with our childhood reference in cartoons and turned a simple compilation of episodes into something bigger.
By drawing inspiration from their visual identity (and some amazing work done previously by other great studios), we created a simple storyline with all the channel’s characters interacting in a messenger group.

Brand: Cartoon Network
Directed by: Jannerson Xavier
Art Direction: Daniel Kano
Illustration: Daniel Kano, Victor Tchaba and Amália Lage
Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Amália Lage, Victor Tchaba, Gabriela Zaneti
Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno
Client Staff: Jeferson Gonçalves and Beatriz Siqueira https://ift.tt/2JesUr6 Cartoon Network Monthly Highlights Histeria!



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