Daily Motion Graphics # 480 / Onward Internet

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How do you make a spot that paints a portrait of the INTERNET? You use every crayon in the box, that’s how! Teaming up with POSSIBLE, we also went through a dozen bricks of clay, spray paint, wood, lasers and a sprinkle of LOL-cats. Onward Internet!



Directed By: Buck
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait

Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Art Director: Jonathon Gorman, Justin Fines

Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
Production Coordinator: Stefania Consarino

Storyboards: Justin Fines, Jonathon Gorman, Gareth O’Brien
Design: Justin Fines, Jonathon Gorman, Gareth O’Brien, Daniel Oeffinger, Alex Mapar, Yker Moreno, Kyle Mowat, Christoper Phillips, Federico Reano, Thomas Schmid, Kyle Strope

Animation Director: Gareth O’Brien
Animation: Sander van Dijk, Nicolo Bianchino, Jonathon Gorman, Alex Mapar, Kyle Mowat, Gareth O’Brien, Daniel Oeffinger, Christopher Phillips, Federico Reano, Kyle Strope
Stop Motion: Chad Colby, Justin Fines, Jonathon Gorman, Gareth O’Brien, Kyle Mowat, Jude Tait

Director of Photography: Seth Ricart
Art Department: Victoria Arslani, Jonathan Bell, Olivia Blanc, Chad Colby, Justin Fines, Jonathon Gorman, Gareth O’Brien, Kyle Mowat, Martina Stiftinger, Anabella Zubillaga

Colorist: Jose Fuentes, Seth Ricart & Co.
Music & Sound Design: Antfood https://ift.tt/1zsJgRP Onward Internet Sander van Dijk



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