Daily Motion Graphics #481 / Happy

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Some months ago, I was invited by MTV to make an Artist Ident. 
In this occasion, the ident is an interpretation of the emotion/keyword they gave me: “HAPPY”. 
The main color had to be yellow. 

Bearing in mind these two premises, I decided to create a kind of  “happiness tunnel”, painted frame by frame using colored pencils to give an emotional and nostalgic touch to the piece.

MAKING OF: https://ift.tt/2v95Vvq

Client MTV WCS
Produced by O
Directed by Josep Prat Sorolla
Postproduction Coordinator Yukio Montilla

Montserrat Sorolla
Josep Prat Giner
David Fernández
Josep Prat Sorolla https://ift.tt/2nP3NVv MTV ARTIST IDENT / Happy Josep Prat Sorolla / SEPE



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