Daily Motion Graphics #483 / Gluwa Coin by Gluwa

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A great explainer with perfect audio and voice work to get the creativity going.


We teamed up with Gluwa to help explain how blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency is used, traded and invested. So…. now you know. You’re welcome.

Client: Gluwa Coin
Direction & Production: Thinkmojo
Producer: Amy Caffee
Creative Direction: Sebastien Lhomme & Evan Hart
Script & Copy Writing: Brendan Carty
Storyboard: Orlando Caicedo, Sebastien Lhomme, Evan Hart
Art Direction: Sebastien Lhomme & Evan Hart
Design & Illustration: Vladimir Marchukov, Ilya Kastenka
2D animation & compositing: Vladimir Marchukov, Ilya Kastenka
Sound Design: Dmitri Novozhilov – Daruma https://ift.tt/2jwgyhc Gluwa Coin by Gluwa Thinkmojo



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