Daily Motion Graphics # 469 / 2018 WAKEUPFEST’18

We’re not sure what this is for but we like what we see!


主視覺 Key Visual : 賴曼琳 Peter Mann 、鄒昀達 Tzou-Yun Da
動畫 Motion Design :陳威元 Chen Wei-Yuan
合成 Compositing:田廷凱 Tien-Ting Kai
聲音設計 Sound Design:蒙捷文 Chieh-Wen Meng

(原曲:Wake Up Festival 2014五週年合輯-Wake Up
Mastering:red tea recording) https://ift.tt/2k8WTHR 2018 覺醒音樂祭 WAKEUPFEST’18 Chen WeiYuan

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