Daily Mograph # 465 / Capital One

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A beautiful and seamless motion graphic explainer video that you can watch over and over.


This piece for Capital One was the first piece I had the pleasure of art directing at Oddfellows. It was one of the shortest timelines we had to work with, but we had a great time to execute it quickly. We had about 1 week of designing and 1 week for animating. We even had to write the script ourselves, so conceptualizing and storyboarding took up a good chunk of that time as well. I worked closely with our partner/CD, Chris Kelly, during the script ideation/storyboarding phase, and Dana Kalnick helped with a big chunk of design (with a little design assistance towards the end from Jay Quercia – thank you!). Tyler Morgan (my husband!), Kavan Magsoodi and Josh Parker nailed animation.

As these things often go, we wish we had more time to finesse and push this piece, but overall I’m super proud of how it turned out! It really pays off to have a great team working together so well.

More at sarahbethmorgan.com/capital-one

Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Art Direction: Sarah Beth Morgan
Executive Producer: TJ Kearney
Producer: Erica Kelly
Design: Sarah Beth Morgan, Dana Kalnick
Additional Design: Jay Quercia
2d Animation: Tyler Morgan, Kavan Magsoodi, Josh Parker
Music and SFX: Sono Sanctus https://ift.tt/2Gu58qg Capital One – Small Business Growth Index Sarah Beth Morgan



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