Featured Mograph / Glitz – “Masterchef”

Glitz Channel commissioned Lumbre to develop the promo toolkit and bumpers for the launch of the new season of the show MasterChef. The challenge was to create a super dynamic system, which was consistent with both Glitz’s branding and Masterchef’s attributes.

More info> lumbre.tv/index.php?/projects/view/86-masterchef


Creative and Art Director: Lucas Maccione
Producers: Lucila Mansur, Sebastián Ghioni

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Assistant Producer: Evelyn Robayo
Art Director: Adriana Campos
Design and Animation: Jose Cambariere, Paula Vidal, Andy Cambiasso, Carla Dasso
Sound Design: Provided by client

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