Daily Motion Graphics #458 / Magnum Opus

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Such beautiful work. The music is also very minimal and sets the mood perfectly.


In a world over-stimulated with visual content, an artist concedes to temptation and confronts the potential threat of obsolescence.

Written and directed by Luke Saunders
Producer: Haley Polacik
Studio creative director: John Gavin
Design and background art: Luke Saunders
Character design and blocking: Bruno Brasil Vieira Angelim
2D character animation: Luke Saunders
Additional character animation: Pete Shand, Andrew Montague
3D lead: Alex Whillance
Additional editing: John Gavin
Additional writing: John Gavin, Andrew Montague
Final grade: CJ Dobson

Music score: Nick van Cuylenburg
Sound design and mixing: Sam Hopgood (Soundlounge) http://ift.tt/2tbOXtL Magnum Opus Luke Saunders



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