Daily Motion Graphics # 444 / Japanese Graphics Now!

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Japan’s aesthetics are unique, creative and their point of view reflects in all fields of design, like prints, typography, advertisements, products, animation.

This is my personal project based on the book Japanese Graphics Now!
originally published by Taschen, by the authors Julius Wiedemann and Gisela Kozak.

Process. Choose some arts and animate in a way that I could express what I feel, without paying much attention to the original meaning, done in an experimental and exercise mode.

Randomness. The result is an abstract non-linear compilation, with my perspective on something that was not very clear, just trying matching the animation with the visual style.

More about the process: http://ift.tt/2frkn9R
Sound designer: Prin Keerasuntonpong – http://ift.tt/2fDFvF3 http://ift.tt/1A1UzQm Japanese Graphics Now! rafael ara├║jo



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