Daily Motion Graphics #637 / Goldi

An excellent example of the importance of art direction in motion graphics.


Roles: Creative Direction, Design, Animation

Not too hot, not too cold…. We worked with our pals at Goldi to find just the right fit for their colorful new launch video. Gradients galore!

Directed by

Executive Creative Director
Orion Tait

Executive Producer
Anne Skopas

Creative Director
Daniel Oeffinger

Art Director
Kyle Strope

Head of Production
Kitty Dillard

Production Coordinator
Alexi Yeldezian

Olivia Blanc
Daniel Oeffinger
Kyle Strope

Chad Colby
DeeKay Kwon
Daniel Oeffinger
Kyle Strope

Recording, Audio Production, Music, & Sound Design
Antfood http://ift.tt/1H4u8xp Goldi – Launch Film Daniel Oeffinger

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