Daily Motion Graphics #633 / Your Data

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Such a cool project. You can watch it over and over and pick up something new each time.


What starts as a client project doesn’t necessarily have to end as a client project. Occasionally, for reasons outside of our control, projects get canceled mid-production. Typically this means collecting all our files and sending them to the great project graveyard in the sky. However, with this video, we were having so much fun that we retooled the VO, finished it up, and decided to share it with the world.

More than anything else, this was an exploration of a slightly more abstract style than we’ve produced in the past. Rather than using the streams of light and strings of ones and zeros that typically depict data, we thought it might be interesting to show them as numerous mechanical widgets.This opened up the possibility of giving the data some emotion as it ran from the spotlight, composing the form of its contents, and acting as a fortress of security.

We really had a lot of fun creating this spot and hope that it can bring a small amount of awareness to an issue that’s rarely considered by individuals in an increasingly digital world.

Direction: Identity Visuals
Creative Director: Zac Dixon
Writer: Samuel Cowden
Animation: Zac Dixon, Allen Laseter
Illustration: Zac Dixon, Allen Laseter
Sound Design: Samuel Cowden
Exec. Producer: Samuel Cowden
Producer: Austin Harrison http://ift.tt/2oofnpD Your Data IV



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