Daily Mograph #629 / Slack // Amazing

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Giant Ant features their post production prowess with a wonderful 3D animated spot.


Slack, the amazing team communication tool, brought us in to add a 3rd to their Amazing Teams series. With an open brief to make something “amazing”, here’s what we did with the amazing post-production help of our pals at The Sequence Group, and music/sound design from our other pals at Antfood.

Client: Slack Technologies
CEO: Stewart Butterfield
CMO: Bill Macaitis
Creative Director: Mark Lawson
Project Manager: Adrienne Tritschler

Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Story Development: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan, Henrique Barone, Liam Hogan
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Storyboard: Rafael Mayani
Design: Rafael Mayani, Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James, Jay Grandin
Character Design: Emmanuelle Leleu
Character Modelling: Julien Hazebroucq
3D Texture & Lighting Pre-Viz: Julien Hazebroucq
3D Modelling & Pre-Viz Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James
2D Character Pre-Viz Animation: Conor Whelan, Henrique Barone
2D Animation: Jay Grandin

3D Animation & Production with The Sequence Group
Creative Director: Ian Kirby
Executive Producer: Dan Sioui
Animation Lead: Anne Jans
Animation: Enrico Westley, Roman Bajevs
3D Lead: Daniel Smith
Character Modelling & Shading: Dmitry Vinnik
Rigging: Steve Twist
Compositing Lead: Jacob Owens
Compositing: Mark Stuckert, Eric Wada, Christian Whiticar
Additional Design: Andrew West

Music & Sound Design: Antfood http://ift.tt/QtIUW9 Slack // Amazing: Traffic Giant Ant



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