Daily Mograph #627 / Hold

A fun look into the life of a keyframe.


Hold is a short film about the Hold keyframe and its power to stop motion. Hold wants nothing more than to join in with the other keyframes but unfortunately, his ability to stop motion interrupts, forcing him to become an outcast. Eventually, Hold shows the other keyframes that being different is okay and they begin to grow an appreciation for his unique talent allowing him to join in with the fun.

The film takes a geeky stance on the classic underdog story, making the viewer feel sympathetic toward our hero and hoping for him to succeed.

Non-animators may wonder what the Hold character is based on. On a basic level, the Hold Keyframe is a tool within animation programs allowing animators to ensure that objects or characters remain static for a desired period of time.

I hope you enjoy watching my short film. http://ift.tt/2vs6sUF Hold mwmotion

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