Daily Mograph #598 / CariClub

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Beautiful work by Manu Correa Soto. All the details from art direction, motion design and sound come together in a perfect mograph.


It’s been a long time Vimeo. Put a lot of myself on this video. Wanna thanks the amaaaazing guys of Demo Duck and my most faithful soldier Facu Capece, THE soundmaster indeed, yes sir.
Hope you like it!


Design and Animation: Manu Correa Soto
Music and Sound FX: Facundo Capece
Clean Up: Manu Correa Soto, Yas Hannah

Agency: Demo Duck
Producer: Theresa Brooks
Creative Lead: Kelsie Ozamiz
VO: Lauren Bonetti http://ift.tt/1rqJ6H7 CariClub Manu Correa Soto



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