Daily Mograph #606 / Gogo: 2KU

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Great use of 3D and isometric renders to create a very nice feel for the art direction.


Gogo was an early pioneer of in-flight internet service, and the company is poised to blaze a trail yet again with its fastest service ever. Their newest offering –2Ku — is a next generation satellite array that delivers groundbreaking connectivity for passengers and advanced tools for airlines. The mission now is to tell the world 2Ku has arrived.

Leviathan worked directly with Gogo to realize an interactive web experience that fostered discovery and education of 2Ku technology, partners, and availability. A real-time 3D ecosystem was created by leveraging the power and portability of WebGL. Visitors have the ability to explore real world flight paths, satellite coverage, and how the service continues to expand over time to cover the globe.

Read on: lvthn.com

Client: Gogo

Brian Doherty

Creative Agency: Leviathan

Interactive Developer \\ Developer: Austin Mayer
UI Design \\ 2D + 3D Design and Animation: Alexis Copeland
Developer: Edan Kwan
Front-End Development: The Uprising Creative
Creative Director: Kyle Shoup
3D Modeling: Andrew Butterworth
Producer: Gina Giambalvo

President: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White

“Gogo 2KU” Video:

Director: Jason White, Austin Mayer
Associate Producer: Brittany Maddock
Editor: Kirill Mazor
2D Design and Animation: Tom Jurgensen, Gareth Fewel
Sound: Marmoset

@2017 Produced by Leviathan lvthn.com http://vimeo.com/lvthn Gogo: 2KU Leviathan



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