Daily Mograph #579 / Introducing Splyt

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There have been so many explainer video made the last few years but still, studios churn out amazing and unique work.


Splyt is the first app that allows you to choose who you pool with. When you choose who you pool with, you get to see how much you can save. It’s all up to you. You can even see what friends you have in common.

We’ve created the shape movie, who would tell you about whith wonderful application, about it’s features and options.

Art-direction: Sergey Baiguttuev
Illustration and Animation: Sergey Baiguttuev & Dmitry Pavlenko
Character Design: Ekaterina Toopanta
Sound Design: Redhorse Studio

Contacts: [email protected]
Behance: http://ift.tt/2k1YX3X http://vimeo.com/qlille Introducing Splyt Sergey Baigutuev



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