Daily Mograph 513/Hider 2

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Brilliant explainer with so much personality. Motion Authors with another winner!


Hider 2 is a Mac app that hides all kinds of files and textual data. We don’t always produce animated videos for desktop software, but when we do, we make sure it is a fun one. Actually, this was our first stab at a more character-based, cinematic video.

Studio: Motion Authors (http://ift.tt/1iv9fCL)
Creative Director: Ray East
Animator: Fede Cook, Ray East
Illustrator: Dominic Flask AKA Dangerdom
Sound Designer: Humberto Corte
Copywriter: Ray East
Voice Talent: Robert Jacobs http://ift.tt/1iO0lNJ Hider 2 for Mac OS Motion Authors



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