We start the week with a lovely and inspiring mograph. Compelling detail in the illustrations and well thought out art direction.


Azucena is a industrial design company. I have been asked to create an animation to display and explain the problems of the company and how to achieve its ambitions/desires.
This video was personally made for my dissertation project. My desire was to explain the complexity of Azucena using more images rather than too many words. The animation can be devided in 3 blocks. In the first one I show the world of Azucena, in the second I explain the problems of the company and in the last block I visualize the future solutions that I gave to solve them. Moreover, I have illustrate it, animate it and lastly I have worked on the sounds effects.
For what concern the music I chose the track “Epigram” by the great music artist Tycho. http://ift.tt/1n1tkhg Azucena Matteo Giuseppe Pani



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