Daily Mograph 515 / SPORTIA 2014

Some serious 3D and motion work going on here. Amazing!


TyC Sports – “Sportia 2014”

News program packaging.

Not only is TyC Sports the most popular sports channel in Argentina, but it is also popular throughout the rest of Latin America and among Spanish speakers in the US. For the third time in the last 5 years, LUMBRE has been entrusted with the mammoth task of rebranding their sports news flagship, SPORTIA.
The full package of the rebrand weighs in at over 50 pieces including openings, bumpers, sections, and a graphic system for data and statistics.
And yes, we here at LUMBRE do use the excuse that we are doing research for work whenever anyone at home tries to change the channel away from sports. We admit that it is a pretty nice perk to the job.

More info and process> http://ift.tt/1kQV6Bv

Client: TyC Sports
Creative Direction: Gonzalo Gomez Berard
Art Direction: Javier Gori

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Art Director: José Cambariere
Design: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso, José Cambariere
3D Lead Animation: José Cambariere
3D Animation: Julián Cooke, Mr. X, Darío Becher
2D Animation and composition: Dario Becher, José Cambariere, Julián Cooke

Music for this reel: SKisM – Experts (Original Mix) http://vimeo.com/lumbre “SPORTIA 2014” – Sports News Program Packaging LUMBRE

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