Daily Mograph 499 / Helping Rhinos

Sometime a really simple treatment can have a dramatic effect. This mograph gets an important message across with excellent choice of art and animation.


Rhinos are facing extinction. There’s a poaching crisis going on. Support is needed.
Helping Rhinos is a charitable organisation with a dual focus. Their mission statement is to create awareness of the issues threatening the global rhino population and raising funds to help protect them for future generations.

Directed by: Crop
Script: Helping Rhinos & Crop
Storyboard: Crop
Illustrations: Crop
2d animation: Crop
3d animation: Fluxx
Icon design: Illosmith
Typography: SIM.ONE
Sound design: Ronnie van der Veer
Music: Keith Hutchinson
Voice Over: Phil Liggett http://vimeo.com/crop Helping Rhinos Bobby Voeten

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