Another take on the 3D sketch look with this spot for Hermès. Very inventive take on the craftsmanship that this company is know for and the timeless quality of their products.

Hermès started to create watches in early 1910’s. This film is about the very early timepieces created during the beginning of the XXth century. It features little imaginary characters working around real vintage watches.
The characters were sketched by Philippe Dumas, a well known illustrator and member of the Hermès family. Then they were re-interpreted in 3D, animated and integrated into the real footage.
The watches are part of the Hermès historical collections.
The main character moves from scene to scene, and follows, with kindness, the progress of work and gives some advices to workers. He travels through time and discovers 6 timepieces, each in a little scene that illustrates the use of the watch, or the technical feature that characterizes it.

Client : La montre Hermès
Concept, direction and screenplay : Alain Laurans – Henri Hayon

Production: I-réel production
Post-production and visual effects: I-réel
Drawings : Philippe Dumas
Soundtrack : Circonflex Prod

Production director: Henri Hayon
Production coordination: Joanna Brunet
Technical supervision : Raphaël Garrigues

Storyboard : Loïc Fontimpe

3D supervision: Henri Hayon
3D modeling : Bruno Jean – Catherine Palcine – Vincent Parot – Vincent Mazéas
3D animation : Benoît de Oliveira – Jérémie Vidal Madjar – Patrick Rivière – Romuald Caudroit
3D lighting and rendering team : Bruno Jean – Vincent Parot – Bastien Beauvais – Gilles Simoné
3D rigging : Vincent Mazéas – Vincent Parot
3D compositing : Bruno Jean – Vincent Parot

Art Direction : Alain Laurans
Lead Motion Design and Compositing : Simon Ravet
Compositing team : Kevin Lieber – Samuel Rufenacht
Colorgrading and Editing : Simon Ravet

Shooting team :
Director Of Photography : Christophe Graillot
Gaffer : Christophe Alaphilippe
VFX supervisor : Henri Hayon http://vimeo.com/ireel LA MÉCANIQUE DU TEMPS HERMÈS I-reel

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