Daily mograph 427 / IBM 5in5

A really beautiful take on the whole isometric flat treatment. Love the script writing in this mograph along with the perfect choice of voice over talent.


For citizens, smart phones enabled by cognitive systems will provide a digital key to the city. People can have fingertip access to information about everything that’s happening in the city, whether an experience is right for them, and how best to get there. Because the cognitive system has interacted with citizens continuously, it knows what they like—and can present them with options they might not find easily.

More info: http://ift.tt/1gtQL0B

Read by Mo Rocca

Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy NY

Production Company: Blacklist
Studio: Man vs Magnet

Director: Matt Smithson
Executive Producers: Adina Sales/Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew

Design: Oliver Sin, Sara Bennett
Animation: Oliver Sin, Sara Bennett

Audio: Sonic Union http://ift.tt/1p1TbNq IBM 5in5: ‘The City Will Help You Live In It’ Man vs Magnet

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