Daily Mograph 426 / On Demand

Nathan love kicking it up a gear with another awesome spot.


Nathan Love’s latest collaboration with Nickelodeon! Colorful gummy goodness fused with the magic of Tetris promotes the network’s “On Demand” service. Idents never tasted so good!

Executive Producer: James Braddock
Head of Production: Derrick Huang
Director: Joe Burrascano
Art Director: Anca Risca
Designs and Concept Art: Sigmund Lambrento
Additional Designs: Po-Chen Chia
Storyboards: Sigmund Lambrento
Animatic: Jim McKenzie
3D Animation: Kyle Moy
2D Animation: Po-Chen Chia
Lead Technical Director: Eric Cunha
Modeling and Texturing: Seung Sung, Triston Huang
Lighting and Rendering: Triston Huang
Compositing: Triston Huang
Music and Sound Design: Drew Skinner http://ift.tt/13EiHu9 Nickelodeon “On Demand” Nathan Love

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