Daily Mograph 562 / BBC KNOWLEDGE 60

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Explainer videos just get better and better. Excellent voice work and beautiful mograph are a compelling combination.


The BBC came to Weare17 with a brief full of interesting facts and circles, for a series of brand vignettes for BBC Knowledge.

I was really pleased to be involved from the start right through to final delivery, illustrating and designing motifs and concepts about the earths history and how far we have come as inventors and as the human race in general.

The animation was really fun to do. Fast paced, snappy, fluid & rhythmic.

It was selected to be part of this years PromaxBDA State of Design session, an international showcase of “the most inspiring motion work from the past year”

Hope you Enjoy. http://ift.tt/1bvRJXU BBC KNOWLEDGE 60 iamrader



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