Daily Mograph 146 / Mun2 Pop!

Completely stunning mograph based broadcast package. The whole motion graphic scene keeps getting better and better and this is a great example of taking a simple vector shape and turing it into something amazing. Hats off the Pablo Gostanian from 2veinte, Ezequiel Pini and the rest of the crew for this inspiring work.
ROLE: Lead Design, 2D Design

Art & Animation Director: Pablo Gostanian
Production Direction: Agustin Valcarenghi
Lead Designer: Ezequiel Pini
Design: Ezequiel Pini, Pablo Gostanian, Andres Remazzina, Lucas Casagrande
Lead Animator: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Animation: Andres Remazzina, Lucas Casagrande, Xeppepo, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Traditional Animation: Melissa Farina
Logo Design: Alex Gostanian
Montage: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga & Pablo Gostanian
Producer: Vanessa Silva
Music: Skrillex, Rock’n Roll. Not for commercial porpouse http://vimeo.com/user1031647 Mun2 Pop! Ezequiel Pini

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