Showreel / ColirioTV / Reel 2013 by Rafael Morinaga

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There is a certain uplifting and joyous feel to this great Reel by Rafael Morinaga. Makes you want to get on the machine and start creating. Brilliant stuff.

A collection of my recent work, most of them can be seen here on my vimeo or http://colirio.tv where you will find the credits of all professionals involved, I appreciate the opportunity to work with all of them. I hope you enjoy

Intro: Art direction, Ilustration and Animation
All works: Everything in motion, except google buttons (00:19) that my contribution
ranged between animation, design and/or composition.

Sound Design & Music: Marcelo Baldin (http://combustion.ws) http://vimeo.com/coliriotv ColirioTV / Reel 2013 Rafael Morinaga



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