Daily Mograph 418 / Ivonmusic Montage

Lovely mograph storytelling and some relly great art direction. Well done!


Ivonmusic asked me to show the functions of their new cloud through an animated love story I directed, designed and animated.

This is a montage of the long version you can find here:

Adam & Sarah IvonMusic Ing from IvonMusic on Vimeo.

– https://vimeo.com/63720780 (italian version)
– https://vimeo.com/63688629 (english version)

Music: Zibaldone&Morsibacca https://soundcloud.com/zibaldone


IvonMusic is a Cloud Music Network that allows the storage of one’s music collection, on on-line server, in order to have it always available, from everywhere, on every web ( pc-mac-linux) and mobile position (tablet-smart phone). It is a Social Network rich of innovative functions having a social Interaction with artists and music lovers, integrated with other existing networks http://vimeo.com/erikrighetti Ivonmusic Montage Erik Righetti

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