Daily Mograph 316 / Gumball Machine

Blue Zoo were commissioned to make a short animation for the launch of the second series of Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball. Using artwork provided by the series production team, they had to find an original way to promote the show without animating the characters in their original format. This is what they came up with…!

Directed by Blue-Zoo
Animation Directors: Damian Hook & Max Taylor
Art Direction and Design: Max Taylor
Modelling Texturing Lead : Dave Hunt
Modelling Texturing: Max Taylor, Tom Flavelle, Charlie Batho, Lizzie Hicks
Rigging: Anthony Delliste, Leo Blackmur
Animation: Dan Edgely
Light Render Lead: Dave Hunt
Light Render: Charlie Batho
Compositing Lead: Charlie Batho
Compositing: Max Taylor, Dave Hunt

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